Africa-Europe Week | CIRAD is highlighting its partnerships in Africa

Event 14 February 2022
CIRAD is taking part in Africa-Europe Week throughout the week beginning 14 February, alongside the European Union-African Union Summit. The aim is to promote and boost partnerships with Africa, particularly in the field of value chains.
Africa-Europe Week © Commission européenne
Africa-Europe Week © Commission européenne

© Commission européenne

The 6th European Union-African Union Summit is being held in Brussels on 17 and 18 February 2022. In the runup to and during the summit, from 14 to 18 February, there will be a series of events to bring together stakeholders from the two continents and boost partnerships.

CIRAD will be involved in three events:

Building more solid value chains, for sustainable growth and quality jobs

14 to 18 February 2022, as part of the EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF)

CIRAD is working to develop sustainable value chains for the agrifood sector in Africa. We work with our partners to build knowledge and solutions for resilient, sustainable farming systems.

With Cirad'Innov®, CIRAD offers technology solutions to turn research results into innovations, by rolling out and scaling up those solutions.

Meet CIRAD at Business Forum 2022

How can the FNSSA and the CCSE Partnerships contribute to building stronger value chains for sustainable growth and jobs in Africa and in the EU?

15 February 2022 – 13:30-15:30 CET

A session organized by two projects: LEAP4FNSSA, in which CIRAD is a partner, and LEAP-RE.

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More about the LEAP4FNSSA project

Reflections on a common research and innovation agenda for agroecological transitions of agri-food systems under AU/EU policy frameworks

17 February 2022 – 09:00 CET

A session organized by DeSIRA-LIFT, European Commission DG INTPA, FARA, and Agrinatura, of which CIRAD is a member.

Among other things, the discussions will cover the issues surrounding the EU Green Deal, including the Farm-to-fork strategy, and research and innovation operations within Africa-Europe partnerships aimed at fostering agroecological transitions.

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CIRAD in Africa

CIRAD has recognized scientific expertise in Africa. It works on issues surrounding food and nutrition security, the agroecological transition in the light of global change, improved agro-silvo-pastoral systems, sustainable water, forest and biodiversity management, and animal health.

CIRAD is involved in more than 150 projects on the continent, including 22 EU DeSIRA projects, of which it is coordinating 13.

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Training is the second fundamental issue for CIRAD in Africa, notably sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, some 300 million young people, mostly from rural areas, will be joining the labour market each decade between now and 2050.

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Key figures

100 expatriate staff members

More than 100 PhD students supervised in Africa

6 regional offices

  • West Africa - Forest and Humid Savannah (Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Sierra Leone)
  • West Africa - Dry Zone (Senegal and Sahel – Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Niger)
  • Central Africa (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon)
  • East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)
  • Southern Africa and Madagascar (Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
  • Mediterranean and Middle East (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Spain)

13 platforms in partnership for research and training in Africa