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CIRAD worldwide

From our regional offices in tropical and Mediterranean countries, the French overseas regions and Montpellier, we work in partnership with more than 100 countries. In particular, this cooperation takes the form of almost 900 projects each year, of which this map shows a selection. A number of platforms in partnership for research and training – our preferred form of international cooperation – complete this picture of our activities on the ground worldwide.

A selection of CIRAD's projects

Location of projects (in pink), regional offices (in black) and platforms in partnership for research and training (in green). These dots show the countries in which CIRAD and its partners are working; they are not precisely located.

List of projects
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Our regional offices

From its regional offices, CIRAD conducts joint operations with more than 100 countries

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Our platforms in partnership

Platforms in partnership for research and training (dPs), which each encompass several projects, are our preferred, but not our only, form of international cooperation.

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