Cultures maraîchères en terrasses sur le plateau de Dieng à Java Centre (Indonésie). © A. Rival, Cirad

The Ciradimages photo library

Ciradimages offers more than 19,000 photos on agronomy in warm regions, accessible via the Internet.

The photos in the library can be discovered by browsing among the topics illustrating CIRAD’s work; more precise searches can be done by caption words, the summary, by country, by Latin name, etc.

Ciradimages incorporates the Google Maps functionalities, using a map to visualize photos taken in the selected geographical zone.

Flamboyant en fleurs. © Cirad, P. Fernandes

Blooming flamboyant © CIRAD, P. Fernandes

Photos can be downloaded from the consultation interface in thumbnail format. The original file can be ordered online at the going rate (see pdf document opposite).

The caption, photographer’s name and CIRAD copyright must be mentioned for each photo used.