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eduroam, a secure Wi-Fi network

Like many other research and higher education establishments, CIRAD has signed up to the "eduroam.fr" project. The eduroam Wi-Fi network gives people from higher education and research establishments wireless Internet access when at other establishments belonging to the eduroam (education roaming) project, using their e-mail address and usual password, without any other formalities. In other words, eduroam is a secure community Wi-Fi network accessible via the user's professional logins, wherever available.

Visitors: how can you use the eduroam network at CIRAD?

You can use the eduroam Wi-Fi network at CIRAD when visiting its installations in metropolitan or overseas France, whether for a few hours or several days, provided you are from another eduroam member organization.

  • If your laptop, smartphone or tablet is already set up to connect to eduroam:

You do not need to do anything. Your device will connect automatically once it detects eduroam in areas covered by CIRAD's Wi-Fi network. Generally speaking, this means all reception areas and meeting rooms.

This will give you Internet access.

  • If your laptop, smartphone or tablet is not already set up to connect to eduroam:

You should set up your device or have your IT service set it up before coming to CIRAD.

Ideally, you can download and run the eduroam installer available on the following website: https://cat.eduroam.org/

Click on your establishment in the list. The website will automatically detect your device's operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 10, MacOS).

For smartphones or tablets using iOS or Android, you will need to install the " geteduroam" app from AppStore or PlayStore, open it and follow the instructions.

To install eduroam on your device, you will be asked for your ID. This is your full e-mail address. The password is the one used for the corresponding IT account.

If you cannot find your organization in the list, this means that your It service has not yet set up the specific eduroam installers required. Please contact them to configure your device.

CIRAD employees or guests with a CIRAD IT account

Please see the following pages: "Réseau et Sécurité / Accès au réseau" on the CIRAD IT service Intranet site: http://intranet-dsi.cirad.fr or use the forms portal directly: http://8855.cirad.fr