Recording the RFI programme "C'est pas du vent" live at the 4th World Agroforestry Congress in Montpellier in 2019 © Agroforestry 2019, P. Soulier

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Surveillance of emerging animal diseases

What are the infectious animal diseases that cause problems throughout the world? Which of them are a threat to livestock or wild animals, and which can be transmitted to humans? In a press kit, CIRAD takes stock of its action in the field: epidemics that are spreading through the animal world, zoonoses that present risks of emergence in humans, and the problem of antibiotic resistance. What is the current state of research?


CIRAD is the French agricultural research and cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions

It works with its partners to build knowledge and solutions and invent resilient farming systems for a more sustainable, inclusive world. It mobilizes science, innovation and training in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Its expertise supports the entire range of stakeholders, from producers to public policymakers, to foster biodiversity protection, agroecological transitions, food system sustainability, health (of plants, animals and ecosystems), sustainable development of rural territories, and their resilience to climate change. CIRAD works in some fifty countries on every continent, thanks to the expertise of its 1650 staff members, including 1140 scientists, backed by a global network of some 200 partners. It also supports French science diplomacy operations.