Nourrir le vivant, le podcast du Cirad

The CIRAD podcast

The global population is set to top ten billion by 2050, which will trigger an explosion in demand for agricultural products. However, conventional production and consumption practices will be unable to satisfy that demand in a sustainable fashion. As a result, humanity faces a huge challenge that will mean making radical changes to how we interact with the living world around us. The CIRAD podcast, Nourrir le vivant (Feeding the living world), takes you on a voyage to discover the territories and people working to reinvent their farming systems.

Season 1: Food can change the world

Virtuous initiatives to build more sustainable, inclusive food systems are emerging worldwide. Through this series on food, CIRAD aims to give a voice to these experiments. Each episode highlights a lever for transforming food systems, illustrated by an example on the ground and presented by a CIRAD scientist and one of our partners.

Season 2: Keeping biodiversity alive

The living world cannot be kept in a glass case. This is the topic for the second season of the podcast. A month ahead of COP15 (biodiversity) in Montreal in December 2022, CIRAD launched six episodes from all four corners of the planet: Brazil, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Vietnam, and Réunion.

Season 3: Climate | Cultivating solutions

Climate change is increasingly affecting a number of countries. In tropical regions, which are the most severely affected, people are already testing practical solutions for tomorrow's farming systems. Agroforestry, water management, African cereals and carbon-neutral pastoralism are all covered in this third series of the CIRAD podcast, which looks at the ingenious techniques that are helping the agricultural sector along the road to sustainability.


The podcasts are currently only available in French.