Laboratory work at CYROI - Cyclotron, Réunion, Indian Ocean © R. Carayol, CIRAD

Cirad’Innov® solutions

From field to table, Cirad’Innov®'s work provides a springboard to innovate and produce more and better, while respecting communities and ecosystems.

We work alongside firms, federations, local authorities and NGOs to develop environmentally friendly, socially responsible innovations in the field of agriculture, in association with tropical and Mediterranean regions. Our aim is to work together for a more sustainable, inclusive world.

Why work with us?

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From plant genetics to compliance with local regulations, through more sustainable farming practices, our researchers help socioeconomic players tackle the technical, social and environmental challenges they face. We work at every stage of tropical and Mediterranean value chains. We are firmly implanted and have longstanding partnerships on the ground, allowing us to work with local partners to develop and transfer technical solutions to the specific issues facing those regions. Working closely with value chains, we can call upon a range of scientific disciplines to help you strengthen your partnership strategies and build the inclusive development models of the future. Let's work together on this!

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Key figures

  • 100 contracts signed with socioeconomic players each year
  • > 1,000 partner firms in France and elsewhere
  • 1 in-house Cirad'Innov® solutions incubator

Our fields of action 

Crop- and animal-based tropical and Mediterranean value chains are the bedrock on which many sectors build to develop their activity. However, they face a range of challenges. How can we improve the environmental and social performance of agricultural production against a backdrop of climate change?  How can we make better use of products, by-produits and co-products? How can we provide sanitary guarantees that live up to the huge challenges facing the world and its farming systems, within a One Health rationale? Virtuous R&D projects respond to productive, economic and commercial issues while conserving biodiversity and the environment, within an ethical, inclusive social framework.

The Cirad’Innov® range centres on four fields:

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Research Impact and Marketing Service,
Private Partnerships and Innovation Transfer and Development Unit

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