CIRAD experimental station at Bassin plat (Saint Pierre de la Réunion) © R. Carayol, CIRAD

Scientific consulting

Cirad’Innov consulting services cover agricultural and pastoral production chains in tropical and Mediterranean regions, and the corresponding processing and value-adding chains. As a private firm, professional federation, NGO or territorial authority, do you need scientific knowledge and methods? We can help.

With our 85 years' experience of resources and value chains in tropical and Mediterranean regions, we can work with you to find the keys to success for your projects. Together, we can test new technical solutions for boosting your production capacity and commercial prospects or  fine-tune your development strategy, on the ground.

A range of services to boost your projects

Better knowledge of tropical and Mediterranean value chains

R&D teams cannot be experts in every field, so our expertise will help you focus on developing your innovations.
From varietal breeding, crop protection and fertilization to processing, through postharvest techniques, we cover a wide range of fields.

See the value chains covered and contact the Cirad’Innov team to find the experts who can help you.

Decision support

For strategic projects centring on territorial or value chain issues, our field knowledge and experience of tropical and Mediterranean regions can provide economic, environmental and social insight. We can help large groups build geopartnership and CSR strategies around value chain-based approaches: addressing the issues surrounding value chains, commitments to reduce pesticide use and deforestation and boost biodiversity, inclusive and multi-stakeholder approaches, etc.
To find out more, see our focus areas and the value chains we cover.

Expertise in all its forms

Every project is different, so we tailor our expertise to your objectives:

  • scientific knowledge that answers your questions
  • laboratory analyses and subsequent recommendations
  • trials and assessments of your R&D hypotheses using innovative tools and methods
  • provision of strains for tests (crop protection and animal health), or of varieties, in line with the Nagoya protocol
  • provision of generic tools – softwares, apps, methods – under licence or open access, plus appropriate training to allow targeted use for your project
  • studies, economic analyses, future analyses, diagnostic surveys
  • national and international policy support
  • sugarcane quarantine service in Montpellier
  • reception and support of your R&D staff at our dedicated facilities in mainland France and the French overseas regions (Réunion and the French West Indies)
  • vocational training.

Our consulting services: a multi-faceted added value

More than 85 years' experience of working with public and private players

Our long experience has allowed us to build advanced expertise in tropical and Mediterranean value chains, a guarantee of scientific excellence. We also guarantee that the independence of our research results. In addition to analyses and reports, we can provide recommendations to help you make decisions.

A tried and tested approach



Confidentiality and intellectual property

CIRAD is a public industrial and commercial establishment, with a remit to conduct assessments and appraisals on matters of a scientific nature.
All scientific appraisals are covered by a contract setting out CIRAD's contributions and framing confidentiality and intellectual property conditions.

Theesis supervision and infrastructures

Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, many of our researchers are accredited to supervise students at various stages of their studies. In particular, receiving PhD students is a very useful way of sowing the seeds of research collaboration.
This reception and supervision capacity has several advantages:

  • it helps us to train future engineers and researchers
  • it gives access to specific funding for the supervision of CIFRE theses
  • it lightens workloads for researchers, whose prime vocation is to generate new knowledge
  • it gives students access to CIRAD infrastructures: laboratories, technology platforms, etc.

Cirad’Innov benefits from the longtsanding partnerships between CIRAD and many teaching and training establishments in France and elsewhere.