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Research infrastructures belonging to CIRAD and its partners

Pooling of resources by CIRAD and its partners gives the scientific community access to unique, top-level biological, scientific and technical resources. Those collective tools, resources and infrastructures are open to all our partners, within the framework of joint projects or training operations.

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Digital, online tool


A web- and mobile-based participatory science platform to facilitate pooling and exchange of and access to botanical information. One of the most comprehensive plant datasets and networks in the world.

Process engineering

Food technology platform - TechAlim

TechAlim specializes in food processing engineering and has multi-disciplinary expertise to support research projects linked to countries in the global South and regional firms.

Process engineering

Biomass energy platform

The 600-m² energy platform houses numerous semi-industrial R&D pilots for biomass thermochemical conversion.

Experiments and analyses in a controlled environment

Animal health and zoonoses

Three animal health and zoonosis, vector and pathogen research infrastructures.

Biological resource centre and collection

Tropical naturalist collections

A herbaceous and woody plant herbarium and two xylotheques... unique tropical naturalist collections.