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Teaching and training

CIRAD is heavily involved in training junior scientists and French and overseas students. It contributes to PhD courses and Masters teaching. It helps its partners build their skills, by welcoming researchers and providing them with on-the-job training within its facilities and technical training on the ground.

Training through research, internships, PhD theses and post-docs is particularly important in view of CIRAD’s remit.

CIRAD also works in partnership on academic and professional training projects in tropical and Mediterranean countries. In this way, it contributes to the professional integration of young graduates in those countries, which often have high population growth rates.

Lastly, CIRAD leads many projects to build skills – whether technical, expertise-related or institutional – and works in partnership with university consortiums or higher education establishments.

Key figures

  • 400 PhD students a year
  • 116 Masters-level courses involving CIRAD
  • 35 teaching teams
  • 99 professional training courses, in person and virtual

Diploma courses  

CIRAD is involved in numerous Masters or engineering degree courses. It also welcomes PhD students and interns (Masters, technical diplomas, etc.) within its research teams.

Masters courses Doing a PhD at CIRAD

Professional training

CIRAD is a certified professional training organization. It offers a wide range of classroom-based or distance training modules to allow students to become more specialized or increase their expertise.

Training catalogue E-learning courses


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