Nos scientifiques mettent leur expérience, leurs connaissances et leur expertise au service de la formation © R. Carayol, Cirad


Are you a PhD student, a scientist, working or looking for a job? Do you want to specialize, learn new skills or consolidate your expertise in fields relating to tropical and Mediterranean agricultural research? If so, CIRAD can offer training made for you.

Our teaching teams help both organizations and their staff members build their skills. Our scientists share their experience, knowledge and expertise for training purposes.

From short modules over a few days to postgraduate diploma teaching in partnership with doctoral schools and universities, CIRAD is known for the wide range of training it offers, in many fields.

Training fields

  • Plant anatomy
  • Research support
  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Economics and management of natural resources
  • Cultivated ecosystems
  • Livestock farming
  • Multi-criteria assessments
  • Tropical value chains
    • Wood and forest species
    • Cotton
    • Rubber
    • Sugarcane
    • Coffee
    • Cocoa   
  • Animal and plant genetics
  • Computer science, geographical information systems (GIS), modelling and statistics
  • Plant protection
  • Animal health, emerging diseases
  • Food safety and quality

Inter-organization modules are available at our centres in metropolitan or overseas France. Bespoke sessions can also be organized to allow your organization’s staff to build appropriate skills.

The CIRAD training team can help you with the administrative and financial aspects.

What we offer

Key figures

  • 222 participants
  • 41 training sessions
  • 35 teaching teams

A guarantee of quality    

 CIRAD is registered as a professional training organization with the French Ministry of Labour. We have been Qualiopi-certified since October 2020.

Our range of training is founded on a policy of providing innovative, quality teaching: a method that structures learning activities and puts the latest educational techniques at the heart of our strategy, and tools to support that method and guarantee that educational objectives are achieved.

Our training organization registration number: 11 75 P0184 75


Innov’Emploi: stepping up the digitalization of CIRAD's training offering

Logo Région Occitanie

In 2022, CIRAD is benefiting from the Innov’Emploi regional mechanism launched by the Occitanie Regional Council in the aim of improving training organizations by means of innovation and experiments in response to new requirements.

Logo Bizness

After a diagnostic phase, an action plan centring on digitalizing what is available in the way of training was drafted and is being implemented by bizness, who will be working with our teaching teams for a full year.

CIRAD training staff who are keen to innovate, familiarize themselves with new practices and build their skills in terms of digitalization will be participating in a range of workshops (webinars, training courses, tests of new training modules, production workshops, etc.).

The regulatory framework imposed by the 2018 "Avenir professionnel" (professional future) law, changing teaching practices and the digital transition accelerated by the Covid-19 health crisis have all had consequences for training organizations. By means of this novel, personalized mechanism, CIRAD intends to provide long-term support for changes to its training operations in terms of digitalization.