CIRAD's scientific teams contribute to many initial training courses © R. Carayol, CIRAD

CIRAD and higher education

CIRAD's scientific teams contribute to numerous initial training courses, primarily Masters or engineering degrees, in France and elsewhere. They are also heavily involved in PhD- and post-doc-level training through research.

Strong partnerships in France and elsewhere

For tropical and Mediterranean countries, the capacity to build the skills required to roll out development policy as an absolute priority. To offer appropriate higher education, CIRAD has strong links with higher education establishments, grandes écoles and universities.

In France and Europe, within:

In tropical and Mediterranean countries, within:

CIRAD also helps to build Masters courses in the global South, and international courses.

CIRAD is an "Erasmus+" and Campus France partner, welcoming students studying overseas.

In practice

CIRAD helps to build teaching content and to implement Masters-level higher education courses. It hosts interns (Masters, technical diplomas, etc.) and PhD and post-doc students, but does not itself grant diplomas.


Key figures

  • 115 Masters-level courses involving CIRAD
  • 400 PhD students supervised per year
  • 120 theses defended per year