French presidency of the Council of the European Union: CIRAD is mobilizing its expertise in cooperation and partnerships

Event 3 February 2022
1 January 2022 marked the start of France's six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union. The agenda for the presidency has three main ambitions: a more sovereign Europe, notably including a renewed relationship with Africa; a new European model for growth; and a humane Europe. The presidency will serve to roll out, on a Europe-wide scale, France's main ambitions in terms of scientific research and innovation, and of sustainable development and international solidarity. Within that framework, CIRAD is mobilizing its expertise in cooperation, agricultural research and partnerships, by organizing and participating in a range of events.
French presidency of the Council of the European Union

Events in which CIRAD will be involved during the French presidency

These events will be a chance to share views and analyses, as well as projects and results on topics such as One Health, agroecology, adaptation to climate change, food system transformation, research infrastructures, open science and innovation.


  • 8 February 2022 - Building European Health Union: Taking Global Responsibilities! - virtual
    A conference organized by the One Sustainable Health Forum, to promote a summary of recommendations as part of the European Ministers of Health and Foreign Affairs meeting in Lyon on 9 February. Thierry Lefrançois, a CIRAD expert and a member of the French Scientific Council on Covid-19, will be leading a round table on Lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic.
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  • 11 February 2022 - PREZODE. Unissons nos forces pour échapper à l’ère des pandémies - virtual
    A conference co-organized by INRAE, CIRAD and IRD, to boost and consolidate policy support from countries in Europe and from the European Commission for the PREZODE initiative, aimed at preventing the emergence of zoonotic diseases (transmitted from animals to humans). It will also serve to further mobilize academic players, development operators and other stakeholders in the EU. CIRAD CEO Élisabeth Claverie de Saint Martin, and Marisa Peyre, CIRAD representative for the PREZODE initiative, will be speaking at the conference.
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  • 17 and 18 February 2022 - Business Forum and Africa Week
    These two events will be organized as part of the European Union - African Union summit. CIRAD will be associated with several official side events, on the topic of value chains at the Business Forum and on the DesiraLIFT project at the Africa Week event. The summit itself will be an opportunity to present the AU-EU innovation agenda.


  • 6 and 7 March 2022 - Informal meeting of the 27 EU Development Ministers - Montpellier
  • CIRAD CEO Élisabeth Claverie de Saint Martin will be invited to speak at this meeting. Her contribution will allow her to present the main research axes and requirements in terms of biodiversity preservation and food system sustainability.


  • 8 and 9 March 2022 - Ministerial conference on international cooperation in terms of research and innovation - Marseille
    CIRAD will be associated with this conference, which aims to promote balanced collaboration between countries.


  • Imaginer un nouveau partenariat euro-africain, an event in Brussels on 29 June, co-organized by the CNRS and IRD to follow on from the Marseille conference, to come up with innovative solutions for renewed international cooperation in terms of R&I with Africa.


CIRAD's participation in the Paris International Agricultural Show, from 26 February to 6 March, on the topic of how our diet can change the world, also fits in with the agenda for the French presidency.