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The Montpellier centre is CIRAD's main installation, and is home to two thirds of its staff members. More than 30 research units are based at the centre, which houses top-level research and reception facilities.

The CIRAD Montpellier centre is a platform that is truly open to the world, acting as the hub of networks linking all CIRAD's other sites and our staff members in almost fifty countries.

CIRAD's regional office for Montpellier-Occitanie (DRMO) coordinates administration of CIRAD's installations in Montpellier: organization, operating methods, infrastructure management, real estate policy, on-site activities, etc.

It also represents CIRAD General Management in relations with the State authorities in the region and all local authorities. It works closely with all the research and higher education establishments in the region and with other federative structures, notably MUSE and Agropolis International.

Key figures

  • 1130 CIRAD staff members
  • 544 senior scientific staff members
  • 315 PhD students each year
  • 150 interns each year
  • 340 permanent partner scientists
  • 6000 missions per year

Top-level research infrastructures and equipment spread across four sites

In Montpellier, researchers have specialized infrastructures and equipment, and reference laboratories with a global reputation to allow them to work in the best possible conditions, to benefit tropical and Mediterranean countries.

Those infrastructures are spread across four sites, covering almost 20 hectares in total (see map):

  • the Lavalette campus
  • the technology park
  • the science park
  • the Baillarguet campus

In all, 53 buildings totalling 59 000 m2, including 3820 m2 of greenhouses and 1500 m2 of technology halls.

The most remarkable facilities include:

In 2021, the technology halls and the Baillarguet campus (notably the greenhouses) were awarded a State grant, through the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, following a call for energy efficiency renovation projects under the  "France relance" economic recovery plan (September 2020). It is mainly being used to fund LED lamps for the greenhouses, and heat insulation.

A scientific base for reception and training through research

Each year, CIRAD's teams and laboratories in Montpellier receive almost 800 people (students, technicians or researchers, PhD students, etc.). Almost two thirds of them are from overseas.

CIRAD's teams in Montpellier are involved in higher education: Masters teaching, receiving interns and supervising PhD theses. Around theses and accreditations to supervise research (HDR) are defended each year in Montpellier.

A hub of scientific activity and exchanges with various groups

Official visit by the Minister for Overseas Regions © J. Bellaiche, CIRAD

Official visit by the Minister for Overseas Regions © J. Bellaiche, CIRAD

In addition to receiving researchers in its laboratories, CIRAD organizes almost 100 scientific events in Montpellier each year, from internationa symposiums to seminars and workshops.

CIRAD is also regularly open to the public during events such as the Fête de la Science, and welcomes hundreds of visitors and several dozen official delegations each year.

To visit our installations, please contact at the Montpellier-Occitanie Regional Office. Due to the current health situation, all visits must be approved in advance.

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CIRAD Regional Office for Montpellier - Occitanie -
Avenue Agropolis, TA 178/04,
34398 Montpellier Cedex 5,
Tel.: +33 4 67 61 58 00
Fax: +33 4 67 61 49 42

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