CIRAD wishes you a Happy New Year!

Institutional news 2 January 2024
2024 will be a special year for CIRAD: we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of our founding, on 5 June 1984.
Happy New Year 2024

For 40 years, we have been conducting shared research to grow the world of tomorrow. We will be marking this anniversary year with a series of events:

  • An event in Montpellier on 25 June
  • An event in Paris in the autumn, in partnership with the national newspaper Le Monde. It will be open to the general public, in person or remotely.
  • And throughout the year, celebrations involving our many partners - scientists, donors, institutions and civil society - in the countries covered by our ten regional offices, and in the French overseas regions.

A brief history

CIRAD is the result of the merger, in 1984, of nine technical and research institutes focusing on tropical value chains. Over the past century, the establishment has gone from conducting agricultural trials within a colonial economy to providing newly independent States with technical support, and now to implementing research for development partnerships against a backdrop of globalization and global change. This history means CIRAD has some 80 years of experience of building knowledge and technical solutions and supporting innovation to benefit crop and livestock farming and forestry in tropical countries.