Food technology platform - TechAlim

Process engineering
Specializing in food processing engineering, with multi-disciplinary expertise to support research projects linked to countries in the global South and regional technical centres and agrifood firms.
Agrifood technology platform
Agrifood technology platform

Agrifood technology platform

Thanks to its three main fields of activity (research, training and partnerships with firms), the platform is open to:

  • researchers from various research units
  • teaching and training organizations (Montpellier SupAgro, University of Montpellier, etc.)
  • firms looking to contract out research
  • project leaders keen to promote a skill or develop a product.

CIRAD has entirely renovated the platform and many new items of equipment have been purchased within the framework of the TechAlim project, backed by the EU and the Occitanie Regional Council (ERDF), the French government (Ministry of Research, Higher Education and Innovation) and the Montpellier Metropolitan Council.

More info on the QUALISUD research unit website