WISIS®: testing timber structures

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WISIS®, a non-destructive way of testing wooden structural elements, poles and standing trees.
WISIS®, dispositif de contrôle des structures en bois.
WISIS®, dispositif de contrôle des structures en bois.

Non-destructive testing device to assess the mechanical condition of solid wood elements used in service in a structure © Loïc Brancheriau, CIRAD

Wood has many applications in buildings. Excessive loads, fungi and insects may damage such timber. The WISIS® system serves to assess the state of construction timber in a non-destructive way, with a view to detecting any deterioration and repairing damaged elements.


  • Rapid, reliable results.
  • A simplified graphic interface for easy use .
  • A rapid, USB self-powered acquisition card .
  • Self-setting acquisition card parameters.
  • Small size: the system is portable .
  • Software available in French and English.


Made-to-measure specific applications, training on request, system maintenance.

Intellectual rights

WISIS® is a registered trademark.

How to get it

WISIS® is distributed by CIRAD