Expertise on Bioenergies

Industrial and field analysis equipment Natural resources and territories
You wish to implement bioenergy projects intropical and subtropical countries for the production of charcoal, heat orelectricity from biomass ? We can assist you in the set up of these projects incarbonization, combustion, gasification, and biofuels, or even torrefaction and flash pyrolysis.
Plateforme biomasse énergie © Charline Lanvin, Cirad
Plateforme biomasse énergie © Charline Lanvin, Cirad

Biomass energy platform © Charline Lanvin, CIRAD

From the idea to the implementation, we offer services that can be mobilized at the different stages of your project:

  • Characterization of biomass
  • Local context evaluation
  • Analysis of optimal solutions and projects feasibility
  • Adaptation and optimization of technologies, reactors and related systems
  • Implementation of bioenergy systems
  • In situ evaluation of technologies and processes
  • Characterization of solid, liquid or gaseous by-products
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Modular and personalized training


- A team of experts specialized inbioenergies production in tropical and Mediterranean countries.

- Over 30 years of collaborations onprojects in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

- A global vision of the sectors: from raw biomass resources – wood, forests and agricultural residues - to energyproduction for optimal performance.

- Experience with tropical biomass and energy production, with significant technological and analytical means including:

  • Laboratories for physico-chemical characterization for solid, liquid, gas.
  • A 600 m² experimental platform with reactors from the laboratory to the pilot and pre-industrial scale.