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How can we intensify cocoa production in a sustainable way, to satisfy growing demand? The sustainability of the value chain depends on its capacity to adapt to climate-related constraints (particularly pests and diseases) and pressure on resources. It must also be attractive to small-scale cocoa producers. CIRAD and its partners are working to help producers and players further downstream in the supply chain develop a sustainable cocoa economy.
  • Providing a wide range of varieties, tailored to biotic and abiotic constraints, while making optimum use of the wealth and biodiversity of cocoa types
  • Managing natural resources better, particularly soil fertility and water resources, by optimizing plant functioning and productivity
  • Boosting the efficacy of pest and disease control and develop alternative, environmentally friendly methods
  • Innovating in terms of the ecological intensification of emerging agro-industrial production systems, and the mechanization of certain tasks
  • Understanding the factors that determine quality and maximize aroma potential
    Boosting the profitability of the various cocoa-based cropping systems and providing producers with a range of solutions tailored to their requirements and investment capacity.


  • Agronomic diagnoses: from seed to pod
  • Postharvest technology: from pod to raw cocoa
  • Economic and socioeconomic studies, including supply chain studies
  • Research and development project design and management
  • Training
  • Sensorial analyses and taste and quality appraisals.


  • Genomics
  • Varietal improvement and breeding
  • Study and control of pests and diseases
  • Agronomy: physiology and mineral nutrition, crop practices, cropping systems, agroforestry
  • Postharvest processing systems engineering.

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