LCA-CIRAD: Expert in Life Cycle Assessment of Tropical Products

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CIRAD researchers are experts in tropical agricultural chains and conduct Life Cycle Assessments of imported or exported products.
Vegetable © Cirad
Vegetable © Cirad

Vegetable © Fabrice Le Bellec, CIRAD

In the context of global environmental challenges and the need for more sustainable production systems, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has become the worldwide standard and tool for analysing the environmental impact of products and services. It allows for quantifying all environmental impacts along the production chain in order to identify where to change practices to reduce impacts.


LCA is recommended by the European Commission for all environmental footprints as well as by international organizations such as UN Environment.


LCA-CIRAD follows ISO standards 14040 2000-6 and relies on CIRAD’s expert knowledge of tropical product supply chains and environment. Applied to your tropical agricultural product LCA-CIRAD will allow you to:

  1. Quantify and reduce environmental impacts
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Identify appropriate performance indicators
  4. Support marketing claims
  5. Implement environmental product declarations (eg ISO 14025, EU Product Environmental Footprint).


  • Expertise in Life Cycle Assessment of tropical crops
  • Progress and decision making support studies and collaboration
  • Critical review expertise, as required by ISO standards
  • Training courses on the specificities of LCAs of tropical products