Coffee value chain © F. Ribeyre, CIRAD


Coffee is the world's leading agricultural resource, in value terms. Coffee growing generates income and jobs in producing countries, and is primarily practised on small family farms.

The figures for coffee

  • 11 million hectares planted
  • More than 120 million jobs
  • A source of income for more than 40 tropical countries
  • 70% of the crop comes from small family farms of less than 5 hectares
  • Two cultivated species: Coffea arabica (55% of the coffee produced) and Coffea canephora (45%).

The issues

  • Returning to more ecologically sustainable systems and reducing adverse environmental effects, for full-sun cropping systems that use large quantities of fertilizers.
  • Boosting the economic profitability of the more or less intensified agroforestry systems maintained by smallholders.