Science-society | CIRAD takes a stand

Institutional news 18 October 2022
Society's confidence in scientific research has been put to the test lately, notably due to the vast amounts of information now available and the many crises affecting humanity. This observation has prompted CIRAD to take a stand in favour of new relationships between science and society, built on commitment, openness and exemplarity.
© R. Belmin, CIRAD
© R. Belmin, CIRAD

© R. Belmin, CIRAD

Supporting public decision making, fuelling democratic debate, and enabling each and every citizen to understand the world around them and play a part in it... these are the aims of CIRAD's research with and for society.

"We are committed to science with and for society, notably via the "innovation and impact" and "training" ambitions set out in our strategic vision", says CIRAD CEO Élisabeth Claverie de Saint Martin. "This tallies with our core values of open, useful and inclusive science.".

Three pillars to steer our work

CIRAD is committed to building new relationships between science and society. Its stance rests on three pillars, defined in line with CIRAD's values: commitment to sustainable development, openness and exemplarity steer our drive to foster science that works with and for society.

Seven priorities for action

CIRAD's position centres on seven priorities that are in constant interaction and are backed by several operations already under way, and by existing internal structures.

Two relate to commitment: research to assess its societal impacts and research in support of public policy for sustainable development.

Three relate to openness: open science, more participatory science, and science turned towards society.

Lastly, three priorities relate to exemplarity: an exemplary research organization in terms of its environmental and social impacts and responsible in its relationships with its partners, and rigorous ethical practices and frameworks.

Confidence in science, a breeding ground for sustainable development

For CIRAD, a new climate of mutual confidence is vital for the co-construction of solutions in support of the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

CIRAD is determined to do its utmost to build fertile, stimulating links between science and society, in the global North and in tropical and Mediterranean regions. An action plan is due out shortly, to translate our position into concrete operations.