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A partner for CSOs

CIRAD works with civil society organizations in many ways... funding, joint R&D projects, co-publications, advocacy, etc.

NGOs, think tanks, associations, and so on... CIRAD sees targeted research as a process involving a range of players. Let's work together to build innovative solutions for agriculture and food systems!

Civil society organizations (CSOs): why not work with CIRAD?

On the ground, we manage some 800 projects a year, most of them over several years (from three to five years), with budgets of between 5000 and 14 million euros. Those projects are often conducted in partnership, notably with local and global CSOs.

We have always worked in tropical and Mediterranean countries, via our many projects, partnerships and regional offices, and are continuing to do so, for a more sustainable, inclusive world.
Do you share these values and this vision? Do you know your beneficiaries and their needs inside out, along with the ways of generating socioeconomic and environmental change? Why not work with us?!

Our targeted research also provides advocacy players with sound scientific arguments.

Impacts on the ground

Understanding innovation mechanisms better enables a more effective contribution to development. This is why we are committed to studying the impact of our research. The ImpresS method developed to this end serves to analyse projects both before and after their implementation.

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Solutions for socioeconomic players

We work at every stage of value chains in tropical and Mediterranean regions. We are firmly implanted and have longstanding partnerships on the ground, allowing us to work with local partners to develop and transfer technical solutions to the specific issues facing those regions.