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Réunion, Mayotte and Indian Ocean

CIRAD has been working for 60 years in Réunion, its first base outside mainland France, where it has top-level infrastructures. Its R&D operations have helped to build the Réunionese agricultural and food chains of today. They are now supporting the ecological transition of those chains and their adaptation to climate change.

Maintaining the level and remarkable diversity of agricultural production in Réunion with a view to a circular bioeconomy. Contributing to food and nutrition security for people in Réunion and Mayotte, along with the southwest Indian Ocean islands. These are the main challenges for CIRAD's research operations in the region.

Emblematic projects and platforms in partnership for research and training

CIRAD's research projects in the Indian Ocean are supported by structural funding (ERDF, EAFRD) from the EU, the Réunion Regional Council and the French government, and a longstanding partnership with players in the agricultural sector. The map shows some of the fifty or so projects under way in the Indian Ocean, but does not show specific sites.

Key figures

  • 180 permanent staff members
  • 100 interns and PhD students
  • 60 partners
  • 200 hours of training provided per year
  • 210 scientific publications per year

Dynamic regional cooperation in the Indian Ocean

The main regional cooperation projects coordinated by CIRAD in the Indian Ocean

The main regional cooperation projects coordinated by CIRAD in the Indian Ocean

To tackle the food, health and environmental challenges facing the Indian Ocean, CIRAD has structured its regional cooperation via a regional AR4D platform: PRéRAD-OI. The platform was founded in 2014, prompted by a shared wish expressed by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), the French government, the Réunion Regional Council and CIRAD, backed by the Réunion Departmental Council.

PRéRAD-OI now federates the driving forces and expertise in terms of agricultural science in the region, viz. more than 20 public institutions (ministries) and research and agricultural training establishments in the five IOC member countries (Madagascar, Mauritius, France-Réunion, the Seychelles and the Union of the Comoros).

In all, some 40 partners from various countries are now working together through five thematic networks (PRPV, Germination, Arche-Net, QualiREG and One Health OI) and associated projects (Epibio, Germination 2, Eclipse, Qualinnov 2, TROI).

PRERAD-OI website

A determination to share information and knowledge

With a view to sharing knowledge and to opening up to society in general, CIRAD's researchers provide teaching and training and supervise interns and PhD students. They also participate in agricultural and other events such as the Fête de la Science.

The CIRAD Regional Office for Réunion-Mayotte also publishes a newsletter: Agronews.

Scientific publications

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