Tropical and Mediterranean biological resource centres

Biological resource centre and collection
Infrastructures to enrich, secure and disseminate biological resource collections and crop diversity study technology.
CIRAD banana collection in Guadeloupe © CIRAD
CIRAD banana collection in Guadeloupe © CIRAD

CIRAD banana collection in Guadeloupe © CIRAD


ARCAD is a structure to safeguard and ensure access to tropical and Mediterranean crop resources for research and training purposes.
It provides conservation and reception services and technology to characterize and analyse genetic diversity.

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Biological resource centres (BRCs) in metropolitan France and the French overseas regions

CIRAD's BRCs aim to enrich their collections through new accessions, to conserve them under optimum conditions, and to make them available to interested parties.

GAMéT - seeds suited to Mediterranean and tropical conditions

GAMéT is the result of the merger of CIRAD's Tropical BRC and INRAE's Maize and Medicago BRCs. It is housed in the ARCAD building in Montpellier

Tropical Plants BRC

This BRC assembles CIRAD and INRAE collections of crop and related species from Guadeloupe and Martinique: pineapple, banana, sugarcane, fruit trees and yam, plus an internationally recognized herbarium.

Vatel BRC

The Vatel BRC in Réunion assembles three crop collections: vanilla, tropical garlic, and little-used vegetables.

Tree Crop BRC

The Tree Crop BRC in French Guiana assembles CIRAD coffee, cocoa and rubber collections.

Coffea BRC

The Coffeea BRC in Réunion assembles wild coffee varieties from Africa, Mauritius, Mayotte and Réunion held by CIRAD and IRD.

Citrus BRC

The Citrus BRC, in which CIRAD is a partner, is the leading European and Mediterranean collection.