2021, on the road to more sustainable food systems?

Expert view 20 October 2021
World Food Day 2021 was different in that it came hot on the heels of the United Nations Food Systems Summit. Two CIRAD experts decipher the operations under way to make our food systems more sustainable and inclusive.
© R. Belmin, Cirad
© R. Belmin, Cirad

© R. Belmin, Cirad

Global coalitions to transform our food systems

From agroecology to school canteens, CIRAD's Sandrine Dury, a food economist, looks back at the conclusions of September's United Nations Food Systems Summit.

Sustainable food systems cannot be driven by consumers alone

CIRAD's Nicolas Bricas, a socioeconomist, talks about his conclusions regarding the role of consumers in transforming food systems. The topic is covered in a book, "Une écologie de l'alimentation", coordinated by Nicolas Bricas, Damien Conaré and Marie Walser, due out in early December.