Mémento pour l'évaluation de l'agroécologie

Just out 29 July 2019
The Mémento pour l'évaluation de l'agroécologie is an easy-to-use tool centring on a reliable, shared methodology. It was developed on the initiative of the Groupe pour l’appui à la Transition AgroEcologique (GTAE) and enables the systematic production of agronomic, socioeconomic and environmental references concerning agroecological pratices and systems, with a view to promoting agroecology, particularly to decision-makers.
Mémento pour l’évaluation de l’agroécologie Méthodes pour évaluer ses effets et les conditions de son développement L. Levard, M. Bertrand, P. Masse (Coord.) Publisher: GTAE-AgroParisTech-CIRAD-IRD, 2019 (front cover)

Agroecology is increasingly on the agenda in international talks on the future of global food and farming systems. It is one of the possible solutions to the major current global challenges in terms of economic and social development and the environment, the focus for the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

There are increasing numbers of initiatives to support transition processes by promoting and disseminating agroecological practices and systems.

However, there are still considerable doubts, among both farmers and decision-makers, about the impact and the agronomic, socioeconomic and environmental effects of agroecology.

There have been numerous studies and assessments in recent years, but there was no reliable, shared way of generating systematic references . This was a major handicap when attempting to convince decision-makers, and was what prompted the drafting of the Mémento pour l’évaluation de l’agroécologie .

The Mémento , available in French, is a shared methodological tool for assessing agroecology.

It is the fruit of an initiative on the part of the Groupe de travail sur les transitions agroécologiques (GTAE), which comprises Agrisud InternationalAgronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF)CARIand GRET – in collaboration with AgroParisTech, CIRAD and IRD, with financial support from the Agence française pour le développement (AFD). It is intended to be improved and adjusted based on future lessons learnt from the implementation of the tools and methods on offer, and is due to result in the publication, within three years, of a guide to assessing agroecology.

This methodological framework could also fuel an internal operation at CIRAD to develop an agroecology knowledge management and sharing system, the BoostAE platform, which is currently in its early stages.

Download the Mémento pour l’évaluation de l’agroécologie (in French)

Mémento pour l’évaluation de l’agroécologie 
Méthodes pour évaluer ses effets et les conditions de son développement 
L. Levard, M. Bertrand, P. Masse (Coord.) 
Publisher: GTAE-AgroParisTech-CIRAD-IRD, 2019