International Conference « Bioprotection for Sustainable Agriculture » 26th-28th July, 2023, Can Tho, Vietnam

The International Conference « Bioprotection for Sustainable Agriculture » ( ICBPSA23) will take place in Can Tho (in the campus of Can Tho University), in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, from 26 to 28 July 2023.
ICBPSA23, 26th-28th july, Can Tho, Vietnam
ICBPSA23, 26th-28th july, Can Tho, Vietnam

ICBPSA23, 26th-28th july, Can Tho, Vietnam

Bioprotection in agriculture

In most countries of the world, the consumption of pesticides has been steadily increasing for more than 60 years, with negative consequences for the environment, biodiversity, human, animal and soil health. This consumption calls into question the socio-economic sustainability of farms and the ecological sustainability of agroecosystems. Agroecology is now presented as a realistic alternative to conventional agriculture based on the use of fossil inputs. Agroecological crop protection (ACP) is the application of agroecological principles to crop protection. It is based on two founding principles of agroecology - enhancing biodiversity and strengthening soil health - as well as on the original principle of crop protection which emphasises preventive measures against crop pests.

Biological control (BC), which is characterised by the use of living organisms to reduce populations or damage of crop pests, is central to this agroecological approach, aiming to restore bioecological balances between plant and animal communities in cropping systems. In addition to biological control, solutions exist that use non-living, nature-based, substances. The combination of these two fields (living organisms and non-living, nature-based substances) is now considered under the « umbrella » of Bioprotection (BP). The different areas of bioprotection are the categories of biological control (conservation BC, classical BC, augmentative BC) against animal pests, plant pathogens, weeds, as well as the categories of non-living substances, such as semio-chemicals, plant extracts, biopesticides, etc. This ICBPSA23 (International Conference on BioProtection for Sustainable Agriculture 2023) will be devoted to bioprotection, as a set of practices contributing to sustainable agriculture.

About ICBPSA23

The conference will take place in Can Tho (in the campus of Can Tho University), in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, from 26 to 28 July 2023. It will bring together scientists and stakeholders involved in improving crop protection. It will provide an opportunity to share experiences in the field of bioprotection with participants from different parts of the world. The conference will last 3 days : 1 day of plenary session, 1 day of parallel sessions and 1 day of field visits.

The conference is organised by 5 universities in Vietnam and a French agricultural research organisation. This event is supported by the French Embassy in Vietnam, and is part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Vietnam. The conference is also financed by CIRAD (France and Vietnam) on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of CIRAD's scientific cooperation in Vietnam, and also funded by ASEA (Agroecology in South-East Asia) which is a research and training partnership platform, which brings together research and educational institutions sharing a common interest to support Agroecological transition in South East Asia..

The organising institutions:
  • College of Agriculture, Can Tho University (CoA, CTU)
  • French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)
  • University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University (HUAF, HU)
  • Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City (NLU)
  • Faculty of Forestry Agriculture, Tay Nguyen University (FFA, TNU)
  • Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA)