From 24 May 2023 to 26 May 2023 Harare, Zimbabwe

CIRAD celebrates 30 years of work and partnerships in Zimbabwe

In 1993, CIRAD began working in Zimbabwe, in Masvingo province. In 1996, it implemented the first FFEM project, aimed at conserving biodiversity and improving community livelihoods in the Mid-Zambezi Valley. Things have come a long way since! A rich programme of events is planned for this 30th anniversary.

Over 30 years, CIRAD has worked in Zimbabwe to build a network of scientific and technical partners and collaborate with them to develop innovative sustainable development solutions, founded on solid research expertise in terms of governance and public policy, sustainable production systems, agroecology, territorial development, animal health, forest and biodiversity management, and plant and animal product processing to benefit communities. 
CIRAD also helps to train scientists who then continue working in Zimbabwe or overseas.
Several events are planned to mark these 30 years of partnerships in Zimbabwe. 

Wednesday 24 May

  • Scientific workshop to investigate research for development prospects for CIRAD and dP RP-PCP in Zimbabwe and southern Africa
  • Celebration of the anniversary at the French Ambassador's residence in Harare, with all of CIRAD's partners in Zimbabwe. Speeches by dignitaries such as CIRAD's CEO and the Zimbabwean Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, Climate and Rural Development, photographic exhibition retracing our 30 years of partnerships in Zimbabwe, invitations for CIRAD alumni and journalists.

Thursday 25 May

  • Tour of Hwange National Park, the largest in Zimbabwe, for which management is a major issue (particularly as regards the number of elephants: around 50 000); CIRAD and CNRS have been working there for nearly 25 years.

Friday 26 May

  • Tour of the Hwange National Park research site, one of the sites in the RP-PCP platform in partnership for research and training; it was founded in 1999 and is managed by CNRS and CIRAD.