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East Africa

In East Africa, CIRAD and its partners work to support public policy, design tools and methods to manage farming systems and the environment sustainably, and boost the quality of agricultural production and animal health, in association with human health.

A priority issue: feeding a fast-growing population

The number of people in East Africa, who are mostly rural and poor, is continuing to grow. Feeding those people is a priority issue in several zones that are regularly affected by drought, overpopulated or in conflict, as well as in certain major cities such as Nairobi. In upland areas, forests, soils and watercourses are deteriorating, while environmental risks have been exacerbated by climate change. In the main livestock production regions, notably in Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, controlling epizootics and emerging diseases is a major concern. Lastly, growing energy requirements are another significant issue in view of the shrinking forest resources, and economic and population growth.

Emblematic projects and platforms in partnership for research and training

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Main research fields

  • Public policy and governance
  • Geographical indications (GIs), product quality and market access
  • Agricultural innovation and local knowledge
  • Ecosystem functioning and biodiversity management on the fringes of protected areas
  • Agroforestry and conservation agriculture
  • Animal health, environment and health risks
  • Pest and disease control, and horticulture
  • Agroecology and soil fertility
  • Livestock production systems
  • Water governance

Teaching and training

CIRAD is involved in several Masters-type academic training courses in East Africa. Its researchers in the region also regularly organize professional training courses, and CIRAD sometimes helps to provide such training for its partners.

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Scientific publications

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