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CIRAD has a global network of partners and of 12 regional offices, from which it conducts cooperation activities with more than 200 partner organizations in France and in tropical and Mediterranean countries. Do you want to work with us to build or implement research projects, or to share infrastructures? Whether you are a current or potential scientific partner, these pages are for you.

CIRAD's 1140 scientists conduct targeted research focused on six priority research topics, aimed at building resilient farming systems for a more sustainable, inclusive world.

On the strength of its experience of working in some fifty countries across Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, CIRAD has drawn up a geographical partnership strategy, centring on the implementation of platforms in partnership for research and training.

CIRAD and its partners pool their means to help the scientific community access original, top-level biological, scientific and technical resources. These collective tools, resources and infrastructures are accessible to all our partners via collaborative projects or training.

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