Impact4Soil: a collaborative platform to boost knowledge on soil carbon

Just out 28 May 2024
A third of the planet's soils are degraded and deficient in organic matter. Soil carbon, a major component of organic matter, is a key element in soil health. At the interface between the challenges of food security, climate mitigation and adaptation, a new platform, Impact4Soil, has just been launched to drive cooperation and knowledge sharing on soil carbon at the international level.
Soils with high organic matter are fertile but also essential to address climate change © R. Belmin, CIRAD
Soils with high organic matter are fertile but also essential to address climate change © R. Belmin, CIRAD

Soils with high organic matter are fertile but also essential to address climate change © R. Belmin, CIRAD

As the European Union is working to develop a directive on soil health, there is still a knowledge gap between scientists, farmers, and policymakers. However, a wide range of research is currently being conducted to address soil health, preservation and restoration. At the core of these issues is carbon, which is not only a key element of soil fertility but also has high potential for mitigating climate change while helping to adapt to it.

There was a huge need to collate all the knowledge produced on soil carbon in one place, says Julien Demenois, a researcher in ecology and CIRAD’s policy officer for the 4 per 1000 initiative.This is why we developed the Impact4Soil platform, to foster knowledge sharing and to inform policymakers and farmers with science-based knowledge.

In particular, Impact4Soil provides smooth access to data and meta-analyses on soil carbon, as well as to scientific publications, best agricultural and forestry practices, and trends in soil carbon stocks. The platform covers all types of soils, and its comprehensive, integrated design enables users to:

  • compare findings with the existing literature
  • discover new perspectives to complement their work
  • increase the visibility of research partnerships, activities and findings.

Impact4Soil helps to create synergies and collaborations by bringing together researchers, farmers, foresters and policymakers.

Impact4Soil was developed in the context of the ORCasa project, a Horizon Europe project coordinated by INRAE to bring together international stakeholders working on soil carbon sequestration.

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CIRAD is fully committed to soil preservation

With their partners, CIRAD’s scientists conduct research on several soil-related issues.

CIRAD signed the EU Mission Soil manifesto in November 2023 and is an active member of the Soil Carbon International Research Consortium launched by the ORCaSa project.

At the latest Climate COP, CIRAD also stressed the utmost importance of ensuring healthy soils to enable food systems to achieve the goal of net zero emissions.

CIRAD is also an active member of the 4 per 1000 initiative and coordinated the overseas 4 per 1000 project, whose report to policymakers was made public at the International Agricultural Show in 2023, during different presentations overseas and at COP28.