The 2023 CIRAD Annual Report

Just out 15 April 2024
The new CIRAD Annual Report, available in English and French, looks back at our main activities with our partners in 2023. This year, it also includes a special focus on the topic of tropical forests.
Bandeau rapport annuel du Cirad 2023

2023 was a particularly packed year in terms of events on forests (One Forest Summit, Three Basins Summit, Amazon Summit and Dialogues), and largely mobilized CIRAD's experts in tropical forests. This year's special focus highlights our contributions. It also looks back at the launch of a new partnership, with the sustainable land use planning programme in Republic of Congo, an unprecedentedly  large-scale project for CIRAD.

The European Commission and European Parliament also called on our researchers' expertise in drafting the new legislation aimed at fighting imported deforestation. Lastly, the report includes an interview with one of our longstanding partners, Marielos Peña-Claros, Co-Chair of the Science Panel for the Amazon.

There is also news of a selection of our main activities, centred around our six priority research topics: biodiversity, climate change, food systems, agroecological transitions, One Health, and territory-based approaches.