Institutional news 23 March 2020
All CIRAD news items linked to the coronavirus pandemic.
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CIRAD is a contributor to the Covid platform set up by the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, to make a selection of scientific studies and publications by French research players available to a wider audience.

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News - One Health


Researchers have scoured the viromes of more than 3000 rodents to pinpoint the risks and zones of disease emergences in Southeast Asia (22/01/21)

Marisa Peyre: "We'll see another crisis in five to ten years' time unless we work to prevent emerging diseases" (12/01/21)

One Planet Summit: launch of PREZODE, a first-ever international initiative to prevent future pandemics (11/01/21)

Zoonotic disease emergence and deforestation: a vicious circle exacerbated by the effects of Covid-19 (05/01/21)

Livestock expansion is a factor in global pandemics (22/07/2020)

Detecting the emergence of the next disease X (20/07/2020)

Covid-19 | Improving knowledge on coronaviruses carried by bats to protect human populations(11/06/2020)

Coronavirus: an international study has identified recurrent genetic mutations (10/06/2020)

Covid-19 | Using chaos theory to predict the course of the epidemic (20/05/20)

Covid-19 | The environmental origins of the pandemic (27/04/20)

Covid-19 | ZooCov, a new project to prevent coronavirus transmission from wildlife to humans(15/04/20)

Avian influenza | Public-private partnerships mean better epidemic control (07/04/20)

Covid-19 | Contributing to global research and expertise (30/03/20)

Dealing with emerging diseases: rethinking how we monitor global health (19/03/20)

Global health: a worldwide network is required (13/03/20)


News - Food security

Covid-19 and food security | Limiting the impact of the crisis on rice value chains in West Africa(30/07/2020)

Covid-19 and food security | Increased food losses in Africa (21/07/2020)

Covid-19 and food security | How African agriculture could hold its own in the face of the crisis(02/06/20)

Covid-19 and food security | In Madagascar, the milk trade has dried up (28/05/20)

Covid-19 and food security | In Colombia, the health crisis is exacerbating the inequalities between small- and large-scale producers (19/05/20)

Covid-19 and food security | Cocoa planters in Ivory Coast fear a drop in their income (07/05/20)

Patricio Mendez del Villar: "The economic slowdown due to Covid-19 risks triggering a global demand crisis" (04/05/20)

Covid-19 | A crisis highlighting the need to transform food systems (29/04/20)


Institutional news

Covid-19 | CIRAD's Michel Eddi: "Our activities in partnership have been reorganized, but they have not stopped" (01/04/20)

Reminder of preventive measures

  • Wash hands frequently with soap or hand sanitizer;
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow;
  • Use single-use tissues, and then throw them away;
  • Do not shake hands or greet people with kisses;
  • If you are sick, wear a face mask.





















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