27 February 2024 Paris, France

Conference: "How can we manage soil fertility to boost food sovereignty in Africa?"

During the 60th Paris International Agricultural Show, CIRAD and AFD are organizing a conference on soil fertility in Africa.

Food insecurity remains a major issue in Africa, the continent where it has progressed most in recent years: one in five people on the continent suffer from hunger (SOFI 2023 report). As Africa undergoes substantial population growth, it has to produce more to guarantee its food sovereignty, without damaging the environment. It is therefore vital to boost soil fertility in order to guarantee sustainable agricultural production capable of satisfying the ever-growing demand for food.
Agroecology is an essential part of this, since it serves to manage long-term soil fertility while increasing farm productivity, without destroying ecosystems.

Tuesday 27 February, 15:00-17:30, Hall 1, Espace 2000

By means of three presentations and a round table, the conference will highlight the global issues surrounding soil fertility maintenance. In particular, it will examine the use of mineral fertilizers in addition to agroecological practices to boost food production in Africa.

Part 1: Global issues and soil fertility

Presentation 1: Food security in Africa remains an important issue
by Alain Sy Traoré, Director of Agriculture and Rural Development, ECOWAS;
Presentation 2: Soil fertility is the backbone of agricultural production
by Tantely M. Razafimbelo, University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Part 2: Is using fertilizers compatible with agroecology?

Presentation 3: Use of mineral fertilizers in addition to agroecological practices to boost agricultural production in Africa
by Gatien Falconnier, CIRAD researcher based in Harare, Zimbabwe;
Round table
Discussion between representatives from DG INTPA, RESCAR-AOC, OCP Morocco and IFDC.

All presentations and discussions in French only.