40 years of innovation, impact and partnerships

For 40 years, CIRAD has been conducting research in partnership to grow the world of tomorrow. To celebrate the impact of its activities and the wealth of its partnerships, the year will see a series of events, both in France and elsewhere, under the umbrella of our ten regional offices.

Through this anniversary, CIRAD is confirming its commitment to build a sustainable future, by contributing to change within societies in the tropics and addressing the global challenges linked to agriculture and the environment.

Join us to celebrate 40 years of innovative, useful inter- and transdisciplinary research geared towards change through action, anchored in territories in tropical and Mediterranean countries and conducted in partnership with a wide range of partners.

Save the date

A range of events across the year will serve to illustrate and pay testament to our activities and their impact. We hope to see you on:

  • 25 November 2024, in the auditorium at the offices of the Le Monde newspaper, in Paris;
  • and throughout the year, in the countries covered by our ten regional offices overseas, alongside a number of our scientific, financial, institutional and civil society partners.

In pictures

An exhibition of photos by CIRAD staff members will give visitors a chance to discover the diversity and originality of its research, on different scales, in the zones where it and its partners work. It will be on display in Montpellier and in several countries where CIRAD is based.

To be published

An illustrated document will look back at CIRAD's 40-year history, in terms of both its research and its partnerships, anchored in the changes seen in society, and pave the way for the future by looking at issues such as foresight exercises and new issues.

A bit of history

CIRAD is the fruit of the merger, in 1984, of nine French technical and research institutes centring on tropical value chains. Over the past century, it has gone from the agricultural trials framed by a colonial economy, through providing newly independent States with technical support, to research partnerships for development, against a backdrop of globalization and global change. That history gives CIRAD 80 years of experience of generating knowledge and technical solutions and supporting innovation in the fields of crops, livestock production and forestry in tropical countries.