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Forests and biodiversity in Madagascar - F&B

How can biodiversity conservation and improving living conditions for local people be reconciled?

The biodiversity of the primary forest in Madagascar is a global treasure that must be preserved. However, this cannot be done at the expense of the people whose livelihoods depend on its many uses. The platform is working to address a dual challenge - preserving the forest and alleviating poverty - by involving local communities in the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and the ecosystems in which they are found. To this end, its research is both multidisciplinary and conducted on various scales.



  • National Centre for Applied Research and Rural Development (FOFIFA): Department of Forestry and Fisheries Research (DRFP); Department of Research and Development (ORO); Department of Zootechnical and Veterinary Research (DRZV)
  • University of Antananarivo: College of Agricultural Science (ESSA); Faculty of Science; Faculty of Law, Economics, Management and Sociology (DEGS); Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences


  • French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)