Children in a village in central Senegal © C. Dangléant, CIRAD


CIRAD’s remit of agricultural research for sustainable, inclusive development puts it at the core of global issues. Joining CIRAD means helping us advance our remit and values. It also means being part of a socially, environmentally responsible organization. Let’s work together to build a better future!

Big ambitions and strong values

At a time when the planet is suffering as a result of climate change, when food issues are still crucial, when inequality is worsening and when preserving biodiversity is an urgent challenge, CIRAD’s remit is more relevant than ever. Our targeted research has short-, medium- and long-term impacts. From publishing scientific articles to supporting public policy, through building training courses and transferring innovations, our activities give our teams ample opportunities for personal development.

  • Working together

All of our operations are built hand in hand with our partners and beneficiaries, to support development in tropical and Mediterranean countries.


  • Useful, supportive science

Our science never loses sight of ethics or solidarity. We aim to include the poorest, most vulnerable population groups, including women. We are committed to supporting change, to improve the lives of the world’s poorest people.


  • Openness

We work with a wide range of stakeholders beyond the scientific community. By confronting differing viewpoints and taking a range of geographical, cultural, scientific and disciplinary approaches, we question issues and put them into perspective.


  • A commitment to sustainable development

Our research and our impact systematically encompass the three facets of sustainable development: economic (poverty alleviation), social (inclusivity and equality), and environmental (resource and biodiversity protection).

An inclusive organization determined to boost work life quality

A socio-ecoresponsible organization is one in which it is a pleasure to work, which actively manages the waste it produces and strives to save energy, reduce its carbon footprint and foster diversity and gender equality. CIRAD has joined this movement and embraced its various aspects.


A policy of improving work life quality

In recent years, CIRAD has embarked upon a policy to boost work life quality and prevent psycho-social risks, by means of an ambitious action plan. The aim is to put people first.

A commitment to employing people with disabilities

To ensure that disabilities are not an obstacle to social lives and careers, CIRAD has stepped up its policy of employing and supporting people with disabilities. Responsible organizations like ours must provide equal opportunities, whatever disability someone may have. Diversity is an integral part of our remit and our mission.

Elisabeth Claverie de Saint Martin


Every profession at CIRAD is open to anyone, the only criteria being qualifications, motivation and a wish to grow professionally.

CIRAD adapts some fifteen work stations each year to allow staff members with health issues to continue working. 

Since 2014, we have gone beyond the French legal obligation of 6% of employees with disabilities. 

In 2008, CIRAD General Management and social partners signed an agreement on employment and support of people with disabilities. The agreement, which is renewed every three years, commits CIRAD to:

  • continue its efforts to support its employees with disabilities;
  • be more open (internships, professional training contracts, temporary employment, etc.) to people with disabilities and facilitate access to permanent contracts;
  • communicate and raise awareness in house, to ensure lasting changes in attitudes. 

Measures in favour of gender equality

The expertise of the men and women who work for it is CIRAD’s most valuable asset. We see gender equality as a cornerstone of social cohesion and excellence, both of which are a vital element of our reputation.

In 2017, CIRAD General Management made a commitment to its social partners on a set of ambitious objectives, and signed a corporate agreement that subsequently served as the bedrock for the EU Gender SMART project, to foster concrete, long-term action.

A professional gender equality rating of 90/100
Since 1 January 2019, French law on employees’ freedom to choose their professional future has included a professional equality rating, based on five indicators:
- the pay gap: 35/40
- the gap in terms of pay rises;
- the gap in terms of promotion: 15/15
- the percentage of female employees given a pay rise on their return from maternity leave: 15/15
- the number of women and men in the ten highest-paid positions: 5/10
As of 1 March 2024, CIRAD has an overall rating of 90 out of 100.