From 5 October 2022 to 8 October 2022 Montpellier, France

Desertif'actions International Summit

Organized by CARI, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and the Observatoire du Sahara et Sahel, in partnership with CIRAD.

Desertif'actions 2022 is the international civil society forum on the fight against desertification and land degradation. It will bring together more than 300 international development stakeholders from 5 to 8 October in Montpellier. CIRAD is taking part in this international event, with a plenary session and a workshop. 

The opportunities of agroecology for development in drylands

Wednesday 5 october, 14:00-16:00, Rabelais center

Scientists and civil society representatives will detail the results of research and development projects on the effects of agroecology in drylands, with a focus on land degradation (avoid, reduce and restore) and territorial development. The session will show the relevance of agroecology to address issues of world hunger, adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, etc.
Plenary session moderated by Agropolis International (France), with the participation of : 

  • Emile Frison, IPES Food (Italy) 
  • Dario Lucantoni, FAO (Italy)
  • Jérôme Enjalbert, CARI (France)
  • Laurent Levard, Working group on agroecological transitions (GRET / GATAE - France)
  • Eric Scopel, CIRAD (France)

Agroecology for economic development

Thursday 6 october, from 9:00, Lacordaire Cultural Center, 6 rue des Augustins, Montpellier 

Workshop co-hosted by CIRAD's Eric Scopel, with the participation of : 

  • Bruno Losch, CIRAD
  • Arsène Sawadogo, ARFA (Burkina Faso)
  • Simon Baliteau, Agrisud international - Norsys Foundation (Morocco)
  • Désiré Ouedraogo, Tree Aid (United Kingdom)

Thursday 6 october, from 9:00, Rabelais Center, 27 Bd Sarrail, Montpellier 

Workshop, with the participation of : 

  • Marc Dufumier, CARI (France) 
  • Emilie Perrousset, GIZ/ Global Soil Protection and Rehabilitation Programme to Improve Food Security (ProSol) 
  • Tolotra Ranaivoharimanana, Southern Agroecological Technical Centre (CTAS, Madagascar) 
  • Aurélie Binot, Cirad