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Highland production systems and sustainability in Madagascar - SPAD

How can we boost agricultural production on family farms in the highlands of Madagascar, while preserving natural resources?

In Madagascar, population growth and low agricultural productivity are a threat to food security. In highland regions, declining soil fertility, pest attacks and socioeconomic constraints all limit production. The aim of the platform is to contribute through research to optimising interactions between farming activities and to production system sustainability.





  • National Centre for Applied Research and Rural Development (FOFIFA): Antsirabe Regional Research Station (SRRA); Lake Alaotra Agricultural Research Centre (CALA); Department of Rice Research (DRR); Department of Zootechnical and Veterinary Research (DRZV)
  • Centre for Rural Development and Applied Research (FIFAMANOR): Department of Research; Department of Animal Husbandry
  • University of Antananarivo: College of Agricultural Science (ESSA); Laboratory of Radio Isotopes (LRI); Faculty of Science



  • Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) - CGIAR



  • Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)
  • French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)
  • UMR Eco&Sols (CIRAD, INRA, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro)