A market gardener from Casamance in her mixed horticulture plot combining fruit trees and market garden crops © R. Belmin, CIRAD

Supporting research for sustainable agriculture

Whether public or private, research or development players, our financial partners work alongside us to build the programmes we will go on to implement, and assist us with their monitoring and assessment. Help us support innovation for the farming systems of the future.

We are currently working with more than 200 financial partners, who provide 40% of our annual budget and enable us to manage almost 900 projects a year. Our research projects, which encompass six priority topics, are built on values that determine our choices and govern our operations. Sharing, openness, quality research and a commitment to development are the values that allow us to produce, transfer and evolve.

Do you recognize yourself in our approach and want to support agricultural research for development aimed at achieving the sustainable development goals? Contact us so we can work together to tackle the demographic, socioeconomic, environmental, climate and health challenges facing tropical and Mediterranean countries.

Impact culture

Understanding innovation mechanisms better enables a more effective contribution to development. This is why we are committed to studying the impact of our research. The ImpresS method developed to this end serves to analyse projects both before and after their implementation.

Strong, diverse partnerships in tropical and Mediterranean countries

CIRAD's longstanding presence on the ground allows it to tailor its projects to beneficiaries' needs. That proximity is partly thanks to our regional offices in tropical and Mediterranean countries, the French overseas regions, and Montpellier, and partly to our many partnerships.

  • 32% Public research donors (ANR, European Commission, etc.)
  • 27% Public research donors (AFD, European Commission, etc.)
  • 26% Private donors (R&D)
  • 16% Local authorities (French West Indies-French Guiana and Réunion-Mayotte)

Our code of conduct: exemplarity

The efficacy of our research and development operations relies on your confidence in us. This is why we are committed to quality, transparency and ethics as regards our choice of partners, governance, and project management methods.

Rice © A. Rival, CIRAD

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