CIRAD at the 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show

Event 7 February 2020
Find CIRAD and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD - French Development Agency) at the Paris International Agricultural Show from 22 February to 1 March 2020. This year, biodiversity is the main theme on the stand of these two key players in French research for development in the countries of the global South. Intensive farming is currently under intense scrutiny due to the massive biodiversity losses caused. Visit our informative and entertaining space to find out about agricultural models that encompass the entire living world and the interactions within it, ensuring better biodiversity preservation and even restoration.
© 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show
© 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show

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Find us in Hall 4, aisle D, stand 107

On the stand: activities, information and meetings with professionals

An informative and entertaining space

Original activities for all ages, tasting sessions, quizzes, workshops, a treasure hunt, etc. This year, at the International Agricultural Show, CIRAD and AFD are highlighting farming systems that work hand in hand with biodiversity. The topic will be illustrated in an informative but entertaining way, focusing on six main fields:Agroecology

  • Soil biodiversity
  • Biodiversity within livestock production systems
  • Cultivated, crop and biological diversity
  • Protected areas and local development
  • Agroforestry

A place to welcome visitors

In the context of professional meetings, CIRAD and AFD will be pleased to welcome to the stand partners and institutional and political representatives from all backgrounds with an interest in biodiversity and agriculture.

An area dedicated to recruitment, learning in partnership with CIRAD, training and access to internships at CIRAD. Come and find out more!

Conference: "Can we reconcile food security and biodiversity?"

CIRAD and AFD have joined forces to organise a conference on biodiversity and food , a topical issue.

Monday 24 February, 2 to 6 pm 
Hall 1, espace 2000

Register (numbers limited)

Detailed programme (in French)

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