CIRAD will be at Fruit Logistica, the world's largest fresh fruit and vegetable trade fair

Event 30 January 2020
For the 11th year in a row, CIRAD is taking part in the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin, from 5 to 7 February. In addition to round tables and discussions, it is also planning high-level meetings with professionals and institutional representatives from the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. This should be an unmissable event. Find CIRAD in Hall 25, stand C04.
CIRAD will be at Fruit Logistica, the world's largest fresh fruit and vegetable trade fair

For the 2020 edition of the Fruit Logistica trade fair, experts and representatives from CIRAD will be in Berlin to present what the organization has to offer in terms of expertise and products. This is a unique opportunity to strike new partnerships and strengthen its networks and contacts relating to these sectors, which generate substantial added value in the global South.

CIRAD is planning several round tables and meetings on strategic topics:

  • World Banana Forum (banana TR4, agroecology, climate change, etc),
  • World Citrus Organization,
  • Rainforest Alliance Conference,
  • New Banana Business.

Fruit Logistica 2020 will also see the launch of the World Musa Alliance, a global consortium working on banana genetic improvement, in response to the hreats facing the sector, notably Fusarium wilt (Panama disease).


Our solutions and our R&D expertise in the South for crop protection

To strengthen the environmental, economic and social sustainability of sectors

 CIRAD’s contribution to the agroecological transition in farming in the global South

Cutting edge knowledge and resources in agrifood engineering from the Qualisud research unit

Genetic improvement and adaptation of Mediterranean and tropical plants by the AGAP unit, in particular with its services

  • Plant imaging by CIRAD for your products through the PHIV platform
  • Analysis of input performance and seed quality
  • Support for plant breeding
  • Selection and improvement schemes for citrus fruits (mandarin oranges and grapefruit),bananas, sugarcane, vanilla, roots and tubers

Products and processes

Banana and pineapple in vitro plantlets produced and distributed by Vitropic SA , a CIRAD subsidiary that also provides assessment services for the design, supply and management of industrial nurseries.

What FruiTrop has to offer

On the stand, visitors will also be able to see all FruiTrop has to offer:

  • The website: economic and technical information in English and French, in one click
  • The journal FruiTrop, the monthly journal containing news about fresh and processed tropical fruit, fresh citrus, and counter-season fruit trading. Aimed at a readership of economic and political decision makers in these sectors, it is published in French and English. FruiTrop is distributed in more than 50 countries.
  • FruiTrop weekly, a decision support tool on the banana, avocado and mango markets.

FruiTrop has been at the Fruit Logistica fair for more than 10 years, to publicize the products of work by the Market News Service, an economic study unit at CIRAD. Its experts work closely with professionals from the fresh and processed fruit and vegetable sector worldwide.

If you're looking for documentation, want to meet researchers and scientific contacts and discuss your requirements, the CIRAD team will be available throughout the fair.

See you in Hall 25, stand C04

Expertise and innovation

CIRAD is a unique research and development partner, thanks to: its access to and experience of field reality in the South, its knowledge of tropical agri-chains, and its expertise in agro-ecological production methods. In the field of tropical fruit and vegetable supply chains, CIRAD conducts its R&D operations in conjunction with the private sector. It is also an ideal partners for technical support and training, from production to processing and marketing. Lastly, it develops innovations that can be transferred, subject to licences or know-how agreements, to agricultural producers and agrifood players in both North and South. For further information

Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica is seen as one of the most important international fruit and vegetable trade events, and brings together some 2800 exhibitors from some 80 countries and more than 70 000 visitors from 130 countries. This makes it a platform for exchanges between international fruit and vegetable market professionals..