From 7 May 2024 to 9 May 2024 Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit

The Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit, organized by the African Union, will be held from 7 to 9 May 2024. With CIRAD's participation.

CIRAD and its Agrinatura partners are organizing a side event at the Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit in Nairobi, in collaboration with the FAO and the European Union. 

Using fertilizers in agroecological approaches in Africa 

Wednesday 8 May 2024, 14:00 - 15:30 (local time)

This side event is proposed as part of the SASi-SPi Science-Policy Interface project with the European Union.

Agronomic data show that sub-Saharan Africa can increase agricultural yields through the synergistic use of agroecological practices and mineral fertilisers.  What incentives can African countries implement in their agricultural and food systems to encourage farmers to sustainably intensify their production?

Five questions will be addressed at this side event:

  • What are the main debates surrounding agricultural intensification?
  • What is the role of mineral fertilisers in African agriculture?
  • What is the role of soil health in African agriculture?
  • What incentives are lacking in food systems to intensify production?
  • What is the role of African research in sustainable intensification and soil health?