12 October 2022

The agricultural sector and food systems are responsible for more than a third of manmade GHGs and are therefore inextricably linked to the climate challenge. This is especially true since climate change is threatening not just agricultural production and therefore food security, but the livelihoods of billions of farmers around the world. They produce 80% of what we eat, but receive only 1.7% of climate funding. They are the primary victims of climate change

Agriculture is both a contributor to and a victim of climate change, but also a source of solutions, notably through its ability to adapt and its potential to reduce GHG emissions and capture carbon, notably in soils. 

With the end of the Koronivia process, initiated in 2017, COP27 will be decisive. CIRAD and its partners are calling for the agricultural and food sectors to be taken into account in climate talks as a matter of urgency. This is an essential step if we hope to obtain commitments from governments.

Vincent Blanfort, Julien Demenois, Marie Hrabanski, Delphine Luquet, Climate Change topic coordinators at CIRAD


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