Groupement d’agricultrices au Zimbabwe. @ E. Torquebiau, Cirad

Public policy and governance in Africa - PP&G

How can we support the drafting and implementation of new public policies in Africa, while taking account of the restructuring of local and international governance bodies and instruments?

When it comes to rural development and natural resource management, a clearer understanding of the changes in public action, the connections between the different levels on which decisions are made, the multiplicity of organisations and operators (public and private), and the historical and cultural links between institutional frameworks, modes of governance and the instruments associated with them should enable a more effective response to the concerns voiced by our local and global partners. The aim is also to engage discussion and contribute to the debate on governance issues.



South Africa

  • University of Pretoria: Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Department of Agricultural Economics Extension and Rural Development (AEERD); Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa; Department of Political Sciences
  • University of the Western Cape: School of Government, Faculty of Economic and Management Science, Institute for Social Development
  • DSI/NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security 


  • French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)

Other countries

Other partnerships are under discussion in Southern Africa in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and Madagascar, and in Western Africa in Senegal.