Oil palm fruits © A. Rival, CIRAD

Oil palm

Oil palm is the world's leading oil crop, and is vitally important for many tropical countries. Its rapid expansion is raising new issues for research, in many fields: environmental, social, economic and political. In addition to CIRAD's historical involvement in varietal breeding and fertilizer management, we are now working to minimize the impact of production on resources.

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OCL, Oilseeds and fats, crops and lipids
Bimonthly scientific journal on oil and fat production and use. Published by Terres Inovia, CIRAD, French Federation of Oils and Fats, ITERG, Terres Univia and SFEL.

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PalmElit SAS is a firm specializing in genetic improvement of oil palm, the world's leading oil crop. It supplies high-yielding selected oil palm varieties suited to local conditions.