MISS-ABMS - International Summer School on "Designing, Implementing and Running Agent-Based Models for Renewable Resources Management"

Economics and management of natural resources Computer science, GIS and modeling
ENG_Cette école d'été internationale multi-plateforme se déroule sur deux semaines tous les ans à Montpellier (Agropolis International). Avec l'aide d'une équipe de développeurs expérimentés, les participants conçoivent le modèle multi-agent de leur choix puis l'implémentent sur l'une des plateformes proposées.
Rizières en terrasses à Bali (Indonésie) © Cirad, A. Rival
Rizières en terrasses à Bali (Indonésie) © Cirad, A. Rival

Rizières en terrasses à Bali (Indonésie) © Cirad, A. Rival


Since 1997, we have organized multiple training sessions on modeling and multi-agent simulation with Cormas to explore issues related to the management of renewable natural resources. See the list of all these previous editions.
During the years 2004-2006, we also implemented a series of specialized training sessions in Southeast Asia as part of a European Asia IT & C project.
In 2011, we introduced into our training sessions a diversity of modeling and simulation practices by proposing the discovery and management of various generic platforms ( Cormas, but also NetLogo and Gama). This broadening of the range of tools presented provides participants with a better perspective on the design, implementation and exploration of multi-agent simulation models. This multi-platform international summer school is held over two weeks each year in Montpellier (Agropolis International). With the help of a team of experienced developers, participants design the multi-agent model of their choice and then implement it on one of the proposed platforms.


International summer school & multi-platform on modeling & multi-agent simulation applied to the management of renewable resources


  • Modelers or computer scientists willing to open up to multi-agent systems
  • Researchers concerned by environmental management and sensitized to modeling.

Pre-registration on line: https://www.agropolis.org/miss-abms/




The morning sessions will take the form of group sessions in which the principles of multi-agent model design, implementation and simulation will be taught. Specific points will be developed according to the expectations and requests of the participants. Afternoon sessions will be dedicated to personal work: participants will receive support from the trainers in the development and development of their own multi-agent model.
Specific learning times for the UML graphic language as well as introduction to the CormasGama and NetLogo platforms (based on a demonstration of the same model) will be proposed.
Participants are asked to indicate which of these three platforms they intend to use in the personal project work sessions, in order to facilitate the organization of these personalized support sessions.
Website: http://cormas.cirad.fr/en/formati/MISS-ABMS.htm
For more information: http://www.agropolis.org/miss-abms/

Watch the video presentation of the training session presented at the CoMSES Net (Network for Computational Modeling in Social and Ecological Sciences) virtual conference


Cirad : Christophe Le Page, Pierre Bommel, François Bousquet, Jean-Pierre Müller, Etienne Delay

Irstea : Géraldine Abrami, Bruno Bonté

INRA : Patrick Taillandier

Univ. Toulouse : Benoît Gaudou


Multi-agent model concept