Metrology in laboratories and companies

Research support
The mastery of a measurement process requires good management of the metrology function and evaluation of measurement uncertainties. CIRAD offers tailor-made training in the field of metrology: introduction to metrology, management of the metrology function, reliability of its measurement results, metrology applied to the calibration and verification of a precision balance and / or a temperature probe, evaluation of measurement uncertainties ...

The purpose of these courses is to provide methods of characterization and control of measurement processes in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 standards for measurements and associated uncertainties. These trainings can be proposed "à la carte", according to the specific needs of the applicants and their centers of interest, and are organized in Montpellier on the CIRAD website or in companies, on demand.


Acquire practical methods and tools needed to optimize the control and management of measurement processes in line with the expectations of the new ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 standards.


• Quality and / or technical manager of a ISO / IEC 17025 compliant or accredited laboratory
• Engineers and technicians involved in a quality system, in particular the personnel in charge of the choice of equipment, the realization of measurements, calibrations and / or verifications, and the management of the equipment park,
• Researchers and PhD students involved in the validation and traceability of their research results,
• Staff of product testing and control laboratories,
• Any interested public.


English or french


Duration: 2 days (or upon request)

  • Vocabulary specific to metrology
  • Role of a "metrology function" of an entity
  • Organization of metrology and connection chain
  • Calibration and verification
  • Management of a fleet of instruments and measuring equipment
  • Measurement uncertainty measurement methods: analytical method (GUM) and global method (IS0 57025)
  • Expression of a measurement result (rounding rule)
  • Declaration of conformity of equipment and measurement result
  • Examples and practical exercises to evaluate measurement uncertainties





Teaching materials

  • Technical equipment and infrastructures allowing a permanent transition from theory to practice
  • Multimedia tools, practical work and accredited and / or certified laboratories in the fields of analysis and agronomic research,
  • Evaluation of the internship.