InterGI – Geographical Indications : a way forward for local development

Economics and management of natural resources
This training is co-organized by CIRAD and REDD (Switzerland). The registration of geographical indications for food and handicrafts contributes to regional development, facilitating the insertion of local entrepreneurs on regional, national and international markets. Their specific skills and know-how are thus better valued. InterGI is the reference training about the "Geographical Indications” process and its application to local development. It is meant for professionals (law experts, technical staff , value chains managers, NGOs , consultants , etc.).
Le miel d'Oku est doté d'une indication géographique © D. Sautier, Cirad
Le miel d'Oku est doté d'une indication géographique © D. Sautier, Cirad

Le miel d'Oku est doté d'une indication géographique © D. Sautier, Cirad


At the end of the training, the participants will be able to :

  • Implement a GI-related policy or project, meeting the required conditions for an effective contribution to rural development.
  • Apply methods to achieve an inventory of potential GI products.
  • Apply methods to support the qualification of GI products.
  • Understand the different forms of collective organization for the management of Geographical Indications.
  • Conceive control and certification methods that ensure the products’ authenticity.
  • Contribute to the marketing of GI products.

Besides, they will become aware of :

  • The international rules and institutions that govern the protection of GI, and the current state of international negotiations.
  • The European and French legislations concerning Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) and Protected Denominations of Origin (PDO), territorial marks and indications of source.
  • Regional and national rural development policies policies linked to GI.
  • International programs in support of GI implementation.


  • Law and rural development experts, consultants, technical staff and NGOs.
  • Officials in charge of GI registration procedure or of rural development policies.
  • Value chain managers, stakeholders and members of concerned professional bodies.

Candidates are encouraged to find their own funding.


French /or English /or Spanish


Detailed information on the program can be found on the website : InterGI


  • Stakeholders of PGI and PDO value chains.
  • Certification bodies.
  • International Organisations.
  • INAO, France: National Institute of Origin and Quality.
  • Research and extension bodies - including REDD and CIRAD Innovation Research Unit


This training is meant for professionals.

The candidates will be selected according to their personal on-line application form. Preference will be given to participants who are already taking part of a GI-connected project or are members of the Ministries in charge of GI in their countries. The overall composition of the group will seek a balance in terms of countries, gender age, and type of GI-related professional activities.

Teaching materials

  • Case studies
  • Field visits
  • Quiz